Introducing The Ice Cream Bike – the coolest bike in Surrey

The Ice Cream Bike is a Cargo Bike with a freezer at the front carrying the most delicious hand-made ice cream from St. Joan’s Dairy Farm in Surrey.


The bike is made for riding

Forget about ice cream vans pumping out diesel fumes, or ‘traditional’ tricycles – all candy stripes and waxed moustaches.  The Ice Cream Bike is a modern two-wheeled bicycle and can go where vans and trikes fear to tread. 

If you work in the Reigate area of Surrey or visit the beautiful Surrey Hills then you’ve a good chance of meeting the bike out and about  on a sunny afternoon.

“Great ice cream! It was just what we wanted on a hot afternoon. It is a nice idea having it up on the top of Reigate Hill.”

So Surrey only then?

Not at all!

The good news is that you can book The Ice Cream Bike to attend your event anywhere in London and the South East, and therefore be sure that all that ice cream deliciousness will be where you need it, when you need it.

What kind of events?

There are lots of events where The Ice Cream Bike makes a very welcome appearance so we’ve grouped them into three categories:-

Corporate Events

From Family Fun Days & Trade Shows to a fantastic team morale booster that we call Treats for the Troops!

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Weddings, Anniversaries & Parties

The Ice Cream Bike is the perfect party guest!

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Public Events

Festivals, Fairs, School Sports Days, Concerts, Dance Shows, Cinema Evenings – you name it, visitors love The Ice Cream Bike.

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The all-important ice cream

There’s no doubt The Ice Cream Bike is eye-catching but wait till you try the dairy ice cream.

♥    Vanilla

♥    Toffee Fudge

♥    Strawberry

♥    Mint Choc Chip

It’s made by hand on St. Joan’s Dairy Farm in Surrey and starts its life thanks to a team of ladies like Cupcake and her friends below.  They provide the freshest milk and double cream to which only natural-origin ingredients and a blend of sugars are added.  The result is smooth and creamy deliciousness served in an individual 100ml tub.

The ice cream is gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free* and free of artificial flavouring, colouring and sweeteners. (* Please note that no flavours on The Ice Cream Bike contain nuts but all flavours are made in a location where nuts are present)

♥    Chocolate

♥    Honey & Ginger

♥    Coconut

♥    Raspberry

St. Joan’s Farm commitment to freshness …             “From cow to freezer in under an hour”

“From Moo to You by bike”
The Ice Cream Bike’s commitment to getting the fresh dairy ice cream to where it’s needed most!