The Ice Cream Bike – perfect for all events

“The ice cream bike came to our music festival in Redhill in September. It was a great success seeing this amazing bike work the crowds and stopping and selling at leisure. Richard was lovely and fun and added another dimension to our festival. The ice cream from St Joan’s was delicious as always. Thank you Richard, see you next year.”

Fiona Page, Organiser

Front Room on the Farm

Indoors and Out

Rain or Shine. With reasonable access, The Ice Cream Bike is just as comfortable indoors as out. Check with us if your venue has particular restrictions, but in principle, normal Disabled Access facilities are fine.

Here and There

The Ice Cream Bike can be static or roving. Space permitting, your visitors will love the bike poodling around so they can enjoy a real “Stop Me and Buy One” experience.

Public Events

2014 was The Ice Cream Bike’s inaugural year and since then we have attended Cycling and Music Festivals, Polo Matches, Public picnics, Sports Days and an outdoor Velodrome event.  You get the picture.

The Ice Cream Bike’s capacity makes it the perfect sole supplier for events up to 500 visitors.  Where a much larger attendance is expected we complement the event as a niche supplier of premium ice cream. Contact us here and we’ll be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

We're sure your visitors will love The Ice Cream Bike